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Website Statistics

When entering into your website, you can view the website's general statistics at a glance. Below is more detail about each data item type:

Statistics Panel

Unique Visitors: This number reflects the amount of visitors who are viewing your site for the first time each month. These "unique visitors" are counted only once, regardless of how many times they might return to your site in a month.

Visits: These include all visits. Return visits by a Unique Visitor are recorded here.

Pages: A total of pages viewed by visitors.

Hits: Hits are recorded for every file that is downloaded when a web browser accesses your site. For example, the HTML file is a hit, and images within a page are hits as well. If someone visited a page that contained three images, that page would register four hits (HTML page + three images).

First-Time Visitors: This number is recorded only once for each new visitor to your site.

The View the site traffic for the last [week, month, etc.] dropdown allows you to select a timeframe for your traffic reports. You may set your preference for statistics going back to a full year.

The Monthly history bar graph will show a comparison of your traffic at a glance. The Full Report link opens a page of expanded statistics in Your Website Analytics Report screen. Click the Full Report link.

Statistics Panel

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