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If you make changes to your YP.com website, the Mobile version will need to be updated as well. Contact Website Support for more information.

Video Tutorials

Need a visual guide? Take a look at some videos about making basic changes to your SMARTConnect Website. More >

Video Tutorials: SMARTConnect Website

Here you will find tutorials on all the basics of editing your website. In order to watch the videos you will need the AT&T Connect Participant Application. To download the latest version, click here.

Download AT&T Connect Participant Application

After you have the Participant Application installed, click on the links below to watch a tutorial.

Note: If the size of the video fits your screen awkwardly or is cropped off, make sure to set the size of your video to fit your whiteboard. To do so, go to the top of your participant application and click on View, hover your cursor over Shared Application Size, and select Fit to Whiteboard. Please use the image below as reference.

Fit to Whiteboard

Starting your eSite Builder

Saving and Publishing

Text Editing

Text Customizing and Creating Links

Image Uploading and Inserting

Image Customizing and Adjusting