Purchase a Mobile Website Product?

If you make changes to your YP.com website, the Mobile version will need to be updated as well. Contact Website Support for more information.

Getting Started

Please note that a Premium website is very different in nature from the Essential and Enhanced products. The majority of the elements found within a Premium site have been customized and created by a professional web designer per your specifications. So, while some items may be editable within the Rich-text Editor, they may behave differently if modified or changed.

Since these elements are not standard (as with the Essential or Enhanced products), they cannot be readily identified in these tutorials. Thus, please proceed with caution when changing items within the website's content area.

To continue and before getting started, you will need to understand some terminology and how to access the website editor itself. Using the navigation to the left, please select Basic Site Structure to begin the tutorials. Continue with each individual section as you progress through this online help guide.

Once you've finished working through all tutorials, you should have a good understanding of how the platform operates and be comfortable publishing the changes you've made online. If you have questions or experience an issue, please contact Customer Support by calling 1-877-899-0134.

It is recommended you use the latest version of your chosen Web browser. Mozilla's Firefox or Google's Chrome browsers are ideal for all Web 2.0 editing. Download the newest version of Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

For the following examples, we’ll mention Firefox as the browser. However, these instructions will apply no matter which browser (Firefox, Chrome, or IE) you are using. We just picked one for the sake of brevity.

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