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Site Add-ons

Some additional features can be found in the Site Add-ons section, such as a tool to create customized email forms, a Blog and even a Forum. Similar to the Content Management section, Site Add-ons are database-driven features that allow for interactivity with your website visitors.

Site Add-ons section

There are seven different features within the Site Add-ons section. They are described below:

Site Add-ons section

  1. Files is an way to manage and organize your digital files within your Premium website. You may create folders and upload files of all kinds into those folders.
  2. Users* is a database that manages those visitors that have registered to your website. You may create or delete users at will, granting them different levels of access to your site.
  3. Blog, short for Web log, is a type of webpage that maintains entries of your comments, thoughts or other topical interests for your website visitors to read. Typically, entries are shown in reverse-chronological order (the most recent entry is always displayed first with older entries following). Visitors can leave comments about posted entries that can be moderated as you judge appropriate.
  4. Forms Manager* is a tool which creates custom email forms. Once created, these forms can be attached to the webpage of your choice.
  5. Forums* is a message board which you moderate. Discussions can be had in the form of posted messages or comments. These posts are archived within your website. All messages can be reviewed before being published.
  6. QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode used to store information such as URL, or web address, phone number, etc.
  7. URL Redirect is a tool to help direct one URL, or web address, to another of your choice. The same tool can be found in each custom webpage's Page Details.
  8. Promotion is a tool found within each webpage's Page Details, or Extra Modules tab, and is used primarily for search engine purposes, such as setting keywords and page descriptions.

*These items are too complex and varied to simplify in this online tutorial format. If you would like assistance in setting up one of these features, please call Customer Support and request an appointment with one of our YP professionals. We can help guide you through the process and explain how they work.

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