Editing Basics

There are certain limitations on what parts of the website can be edited. For example: You will not be able to change or to modify the large image at the top of each page (Header image). However, most content within each page can be edited. Inline images (i.e. images placed to either side of text) can be swapped and/or resized. Please note that some but not all widgets can be edited.

To edit a webpage, (1) click on the page of your choice from the Content Manager section. That page's information and its Rich-Text Editor will display. (2) The top half displays that page's settings which can be adjusted if necessary. (3) Using the techniques discussed later within the Editing Content tutorial, you may modify your webpage's content, both text and images.

Editing basics - select page from Content Management, adjust settings or content (using Rich-Text Editor)

Published View vs. Editing View

You will notice that the content within Rich-Text Editor looks different when compared to the live website. NOTE: the background color and other elements will display correctly when previewing or publishing.

Preview/Published View is different from Editing View

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