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Content Management

By its nature, the Content Management section of your Premium website is a database, and it contains all of your digital content, both text- and image-related. It allows you to manipulate that data however you wish within the parameters of the system.

Content Management section

Main Areas

There are four main areas to be aware of within the Content Management section. They are described below and in further detail in the following pages:

The different areas of Content Management

  1. Custom Pages - This is a list of current pages that make up your Premium website. These pages can be selected individually by clicking on their names to access their page details and to edit their content.
  2. Content Pages - This area lists all the custom pages that have been created and allows you to activate them on or off (making them live or not), edit their properties or remove them (to the Recycle Bin).
  3. Widgets - As explained in the Editing Widgets tutorial, this area lists the widgets used in your website. Widget properties, content, etc. can be modified as well as removing them completely.
  4. Modules - There are many different features housed in the Modules area. Here you can find photo galleries, article management and more! For a complete list, please read through the Modules tutorial.
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